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One of the biggest fears of almost everybody is getting seriously ill. What used to be dread disease cover is now known as critical illness cover, and it is a type of insurance that will pay you a lump sum of money if you by any chance get a serious illness or become totally disabled. There are, however, a lot of things to find out about this kind of insurance, as you will benefit a great deal from knowing all there is to know about critical illness cover. For example, there are some cases in which the insurance policy will not be valid, and it is very important to understand all the details about critical illness insurance before you start thinking about which insurance company to go for.

Critical illness cover generally covers more than 30 different types of diseases, but which disease will be covered in your insurance policy is related to which insurance company you choose, as almost every company will have their own set of rules. However, there are seven diseases/conditions that must be covered by all insurance companies in the UK, and these include the following:

1. Cancer
2. Coronary Artery Bypass
3. Heart Attack
4. Kidney Failure
5. Major Organ Transplant
6. Multiple Sclerosis
7. Stroke

It is very important to talk to your insurance company and find out all the conditions related to the critical illness insurance policy you are interested in. Generally speaking, this type of insurance is very popular owing to the fact that it can help people tremendously exactly when they need a helping hand. If you by any chance end up getting a serious disease, your insurance company will have your lump sum payment ready for you, and you will be able to use this money to use this money in whatever way you see fit.