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Life Insurance Only will pay a defined sum of money upon the death of the insured person(s) during the term of the policy.

Critical Illness means that a payment will also be made if an insured person contracts a serious illness mentioned in the policy.
Type of Insurance
Level Cover means that the benefit (the sum paid out) will stay at the same level throughout the period of the policy.

Decreasing Cover means that the sum paid out will get smaller during the term of the policy. It is a more economical way to cover a repayment mortgage because the benefit decreases as the mortgage balance falls.
Type of cover
Many people will have a life policy until their children grow up or longer to help with the immediate costs of arranging a funeral. Policies to cover a mortgage will need to cover it's entire length.Over what period?
This varies from person to person. As a guide, the sum should include enough money to pay off your mortgage + any other debts, and provide enough money for your dependants to continue their standard of living.Amount of cover
A Guaranteed Premium will stay at the same level throughout the term of the policy.

A Reviewable Premium is reviewed at regular intervals (normally 1-5 years) and will usually get larger as you get older or your circumstances change. Reviewable policies have a lower start-up premium. However, the premiums for Reviewable policies can soon catch up and overtake the cost of a Guaranteed Premium policy.
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