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As life slowly goes by, many people will start wondering what would happen if… What would happen if my life would suddenly change, or even end? For people over 50 years of age, there is a unique kind of cover, and it is called over 50s cover. The point of this type of insurance is to help your loved ones financially after you have passed away, leaving them with a lump sum that will be paid out by your insurance company as soon as the worst happens.

What many people do not know is that this type of insurance policies can be taken out even if you already have a life insurance, for instance. Now, this is not something that you would probably think about very often as it is not pleasant to think about passing away, but when worse comes to worst, you will be sure that you have done everything you could in order to keep your family financially secure. If not completely financially secure, then they will at least benefit from receiving the lump sum of money from your over 50s insurance policy. This money is most commonly used for funeral expenses, your late utility bills or any other expenses your family might be having after you have passed away.

The best thing about the over 50s cover is the fact that you will not have to undergo any medical exams or answer any questions related to your health in order for your application to be accepted. As long as you are older than 50 and a UK resident, you are sure to be accepted for this type of insurance. What’s more, your cover will not have to cost you more than £10 or £15 per month, so it is not only very practical, but it is also very affordable.